Down South Paranormal Investigators

Mission Statement:

Down South Paranormal Investigations' mission is really plain and simple: We are a non-profit paranormal research group whose intent is to investigate with the client in mind and help solve unanswered questions with the most tact and responsibility that we can while gaining evidence for scientific research. There are many unanswered questions when you have an experience and can't quite explain it and/or explain it away to natural sources.

We are here to help with those answers and aid in conquering the uneasiness that you, the client, may be feeling. Whether or not your house, business, or place is haunted, we give the most detailed investigation that we can in getting to the root of the problem. We have to find substantial evidence to label a place "Haunted" but we will label a place "Paranormal" which means above the norm of what a human can experience in a day-to-day life.

This team is very much scientifically based, so unless we can get proof on video, voice recorder, detectors, or any other solid device we will not call a place Haunted. We are dedicated to giving the most informative and solid investigation to bring light to the problem.

NOTE: DSPI takes very seriously an investigation that involves children experiencing the paranormal. Those cases get priority over any other case.

We thank you for taking the time to read this in considering our services.

Please if you have serious inquiries you can email me or other investigators by clicking their pictures on the members page. All private residences and business remain confidential.

Andrew - Founder